2017-18 indoor Competitive program
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We are more than just a club.  Edmonton Scottish United Soccer Club provides outstanding opportunities for youth players, senior amateur athletes, committed coaches and driven volunteers. We train and play at Edmonton's finest facilities, extend scholarship support and assist with international travel. We offer programs at all stages of long-term player development - from Grassroots, Developmental and Competitive play through to Masters and Classics, Edmonton Scottish United Soccer Club embraces all competitive levels of play. Indoor 2017-18 Tryout Dates & Try Us Out Dates are posted on our Tryout Information Page.

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Underage players must first attend a tryout session at their own age before considering trying out above-age (unless this requirement has been waived in advance by the Technical Director).
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Every season, the Edmonton Scottish United Soccer Club uses photographs and videos of our athletes for a variety of purposes and projects. Our expanded forms of communication include our print, website and social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and TeamSnap. Because we are sensitive to the safety and privacy of your family, at no time will the names of our students accompany their photo or video image without your express consent. Please indicate below whether the Edmonton Scottish United Soccer Club listed above has permission to use photographs, images, or video of your child.