Competitive Program (Under 13 - 17)

Edmonton Scottish United Soccer Club follows Canada Soccer's Pathway, which includes adherence to the Long-Term Player Development Model

Our Outdoor 2017 Competitive Teams are defined by playing 11 vs. 11 in EIYSA, as well as competing in Tournaments and Showcases in Edmonton, throughout Alberta, across Canada, as well as in memorable International events.

Our competitive program is supported by Technical Director Kevin Poissant, who has over 20 years of club coaching experience with both genders. Training sessions are conducted 3 - 4 times weekly for 75 - 90 minutes each. Match play is facilitated by EIYSA, with games typically scheduled once weekly.

Boys' Competitive Program Contacts

Girls' Competitive Program Contacts

Under 13 Boys: Iain Muir, Allison Easton

Under 15 T2 Boys:  Sam Lam, Mihai Voicu

Under 15 T1 Boys:  Nick Libicz, Jamie Kennedy, Scott Cartney

Under 17 T2 Boys:  Chris Devlin, Ted Hronopoulus

Under 17 T1 Boys:  Nelson Wolf

Under 13 Girls:  Neil Turnbull, Curt Clement

Under 15 T2 Girls:  Kevin Poissant, Jay Somani

Under 17 T2 Girls:  Kevin Poissant, Asaph Fernandes

U17T1 Girls: Kelly Hodgson, Mark Minckler