Important Tryout Details

Players And Families

Please check in at the Scottish United Information Table upon arrival. It will be staffed, and volunteers will be able to assist you with any questions. 

Athletes should come prepared in athletic wear, with shin pads and soccer-specific footwear. Please bring water bottles, and leave personal belongings in the perimeter area adjacent to your field.  

Tryout Process

There are NO TRYOUTS for Under 5 - 10. We seek to accept all interested players, based on technical resources.

Evaluations for Under 11+ will be conducted in a game-based environment. Players will be assisted in preparing for match play through a dynamic warm-up and a short technical warm-up, both of which will be coach-led.

They will then be placed in small-sided games, where they will receive some initial instruction, but no direct coaching. We do not coach within these sessions, other than general comments during break periods.

Players will be assessed by the team's coaching staff and a club technical staff member. Assessors will consider our Criteria for Evaluation - this is a series of questions to help direct how we watch the players within match-like environments.

We encourage our coaches to allow all players the opportunity to attend all three tryouts, unless the number of participants does not permit it OR the player clearly should be placed at a different level more commensurate with their demonstrated ability.

Once evaluations are complete, and rosters determined, players and families will be contacted by the Team Staff within 48 hours of the final tryout session. Please ensure that the contact information provided on the Registration Forms are correct.

Age-Appropriate Play?

The club philosophy is to use chronological age (birth year) as a starting point for player assessment; thereafter, we are guided by developmental age, which refers to the child’s stage of physical, mental, emotional and intellectual maturity. Additionally, there is consideration for training age (experience with multiple sports) and sport training age (years spent in soccer).

New players are encouraged to initially attend the tryout for the team which is chronologically appropriate. Thereafter, the athlete may also tryout for an older-aged team.

Returning players with whom the Technical Staff has experience may select to initially tryout for an older-aged team. After the first session, evaluators may contact the family should they feel the individual is better served by attending tryouts of the age-appropriate team.