Rae Clennell, Scottish United Soccer Club

Meet October's Soccer Parent of the Month

Rae Clennell, Edmonton

Congratulations on behalf of COBS Bread and Alberta Soccer!

Rae Clennell deserves to be Soccer Parent of the Month because of her commitment to the game of soccer. She currently manages three teams at Scottish (yes she's helping out more teams than she has kids) but that is just the beginning. Rae volunteers for absolutely everything Edmonton Scottish calls for volunteers for. She will be a bench mom for a team in need (often not one of her own three teams but remember she only has one daughter playing soccer), she will flip burgers at the Club BBQ or sell merchandise at the apparel sale. She also worked the Club garage sale in recent weeks. She will, and does help with everything and she does so with a big smile on her face, and with enthusiasm and zest you don't often see. She is a great ambassador for soccer and for Edmonton Scottish and this is why she is our Soccer Parent of the Month for October.

Rae's favourite COBS Recipe from cobsbread.com is Salmon Slammer.