Dear Scottish United Members

Our club is determined to play a part in eradicating bullying from society. Please support Pink Shirt Day on Feb 22

Hold a Pink Shirt Practice. Ask your team to practice in pink shirts. Take some photos and get them out on social media on or before Feb 22. @scottishunited hashtags #PinkShirtDay #stopbullying

Use Pink Shirt Practice day as an opportunity to talk to your players/children/friends about bullying. Here are some key messages about bullying from

Players: If you are being bullied, the best thing you can do is TELL SOMEONE. If you see someone else being bullied, TELL SOMEONE. Talk to an adult you trust – a parent, a teacher, a relative, or a coach

Parents:  Bullying affects the majority of Canadian children at least once. Adult intervention stops bullying and it is our responsibility. If you are concerned: START THE CONVERSATION.

Coaches: TAKE BULLYING SERIOUSLY. INTERVENE when necessary and teach healthy relationship skills. REPORT instances of bullying to parents and to the club. Make sure all our players know about –1 800 668 6868