Thank you to everyone who participated in the Canadian Premier League Coast to Coast Raffle!  Your fundraising efforts raised over $28,000 to support the Club, and $21,000 in prizes that will be paid out to the winners who were drawn on January 5th.  The winning ticket holders are:

  • 1st Prize (Halifax): Ticket 1518; Andy M.

  • 2nd Prize (York): Ticket 3000; Kevin O.

  • 3rd Prize (Hamilton): Ticket 2796; Lisa B.

  • 4th Prize (Winnipeg): Ticket 1608; Scott M.

  • 5th Prize (Langford): Ticket 2192; Heather K.

  • 6th Prize (Calgary): Ticket 2143; Karen H.

  • 7th Prize (Edmonton4): Ticket 2722; Corrie R.

  • 8th Prize (Edmonton2): Ticket 0036; Sotirios K.