the Edmonton Scottish Society facility - grant macewan park

The Edmonton Scottish Society Fields, known as Grant MacEwan Park, are located at 3105 - 101 Street SW. It serves as the cultural home for Scottish immigrants, and those who have a desire to preserve and celebrate the traditions of Scotland in Alberta. The Edmonton Scottish Society has a full banquet facility, a soccer pavilion (with concessions) and proudly hosts the annual Highland Games. With the construction of the Edmonton Soccer Dome, the Scottish Society is ready to take a visionary step into the future, and provide its membership a vibrant home for generations to come.

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The Edmonton Soccer Dome

In 2017, work began on the construction of Canada's largest Air Support Structure, named the Edmonton Soccer Dome. The Dome opened for use in October, 2018.

The facility, supported by the City of Edmonton and Province of Alberta, provides a world-class inter-generational environment for citizens of all ages to enjoy sport and recreation.


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Canada's Largest Soccer Dome Being Built in Edmonton

The Vision

For generations, the Edmonton Scottish Society has been a community hub for Albertans who want to share and celebrate Scottish music, dance and sport. The Society continues to evolve, and that evolution now includes a Three-Phase Vision for the modernization and improvement its 20+ acre facility.


Work begins on 'Mega' Soccer Centre in South Edmonton

The Building

As Canada's largest Air-Support Structure, the Edmonton Soccer Dome features leading-edge energy-saving lighting and air-handling units. At 170 yards x 90 yards x 84 feet, it will provide Edmonton-area citizens of all ages a place to enjoy sport and leisure activities in a climate-controlled environment.

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Soon to be Soccer Dome will help Change Sport in Edmonton

The Surface

The interior of the Edmonton Soccer Dome features the revolutionary FieldTurf Core, the World's first super-fibre artificial turf surface. Engineered as the premier system for premier fields, CORE is designed to deliver a more realistic, textured, grass-like shape with optimal durability and resiliency.

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The facility features several pitches, with the following dimensions and details (Edmonton Soccer Dome opening Q2 2018):

  • Field 1 105 yards long x 70 yards wide (11 v 11 use), also configured to host U10 matches (60 yards long x 45 yards wide)

  • Field 2 (Hamish Black Field): 115 yards long x 80 yards wide

  • Field 3 & 4 Configured to host U11/12 matches, 65 yards long x 50 yards wide

  • Edmonton Soccer Dome (under Construction) 170 yards long x 90 yards wide, including a 2-lane running track

    • 3 Game Models Supported

      • Four (4) 7 v 7 Fields, 70 yards long x 37 yards wide

      • Three (3) 9 v 9 Fields, 77 yards long x 47 yards wide

      • One (1) 11 v 11 Field, 115 yards long x 77 yards wide

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Additionally, the Scottish Society has a full banquet facility, a soccer pavilion (with concessions) and proudly hosts the annual Highland Games (June 24, 2018).